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 Improve your English skills at an affordable price. 


Speak-Up Daily Conversation

For Students with ESL All Levels
Difficulty: ✮✮✮✰✰

Price: $250 for 15 Lessons

Our most popular class will allow you to practice in a relaxing learning environment.
Learn how to share your ideas and opinions like a native speaker!


Build-Up Vocabulary & Sentences

For Students with ESL level 4 or less (Beginners) Difficulty: ✮✰✰✰✰

Price: $320 for 5 weeks

Expand your vocabulary power and enhance your sentence structure for better and effective communication skills. This class is perfect forbeginners. 


Working Holiday Special Package

For Working Holiday Students
Difficulty: ✮✮✮✮✰

Price: Contact Us!

This program is perfect for new working holiday students hoping to work in a Canada. 
We will get you set up with everything you need to get hired!


“Epsilon ESL was the best decision I made in Canada!”