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 Improve your English skills at an affordable price. 


Speak-Up Daily Conversation

For Students with ESL All Levels
Difficulty: ✮✮✮✰✰

Price: $280 for 15 Lessons

Our most popular class will allow you to practice in a relaxing learning environment.
Learn how to share your ideas and opinions like a native speaker!


Build-Up Vocabulary & Sentences

For Students with ESL level 4 or less (Beginners) Difficulty: ✮✰✰✰✰

Price: $360 for 5 weeks

Expand your vocabulary power and enhance your sentence structure for better and effective communication skills. This class is perfect for beginners. 


Power-Up Media Studies

For Students with ESL level 6+ (Intermediate and Advanced)
Difficulty: ✮✮✮✮✰

Price:$360 for 5 weeks

This course uses popular media to help students interpret North American perspectives on current events and popular culture. We watch or listen to stories related a topic, making sure that you learn the vocabulary and expressions used. In class discussions, you will be able to express your opinion about the topic, debate controversial ideas or ask questions.



“Epsilon ESL was the best decision I made in Canada!”